Nowadays, subjects such as grain& grain boundary, crystalline settling of material, their slipperiness, alteration of the shapes of crystals as a result of loading, grain growth and the effects of boundary in reinforcement of materials has increased the importance of microstructural studies. In RRVI institute, this research topics can be summarized topically as follows:

  1. Dual Phase Steels
  2. Multiscale Modeling
  3. Phase Field
  4. Very High Cycle Fatigue

An SEM picture of a real dual-phase material

Multiscale material modeling offers the promise of being able to determine material properties from simulations or measurements of the microstructure and then representing these effects on material behavior at a larger size scale. One application of this method is in determination of material anisotropy from crystalline orientation distribution functions to calibrate anisotropic yield surfaces used in full scale sheet forming calculations.

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